Friday, August 29, 2008

Whistler 08

It's 55 degrees, raining, and the kids made up a new game with the hot tub cover! Here's our first contestant, with a strong slide! Currently in 1st place!
She... could... go... all... the... way... a solid slide! A new 1st place!

The new "hot-tub-cover-water-slide-competition" winner!

Daddy and Jordan hit the luge too... mommy was happy that daddy didn't make them fly off the track! but we did go really fast! :-)

T hitting the wall, scaling the monolith in record time!!! The boy has moves...

Yes... that's Kristen shredding the luge track at mach 3!

Here's the luge that made them grin from ear to ear!

Daddy! Get me down from here!!! "Grab my hand, honey!" just kidding... a total "hi-5" from daddy to Lo-Lo on the zip line! :-)

Check me out... just shredded the "zip" line!

Taylor on his new MTB, right before he did a gnarley trick, and crashed! you guessed it... all is well...

Here's Lauryn, right before she rode the "teeter-totter" (typically a playground toy), and crashed! no worries... all is well...

Here's Jordan, right before he hit a jump, caught some air, and crashed! all is well...

a quick preview of the podium in 2010 at the Vancouver Winter Olympics... go USA!

the jamaicans have NO chance against these track thrashers!

time for the tub! in 60 degree whistler, BC... will someone please tell Canada it's SUMMER!!! And then we went home... bungee trampolining, alpine luge, climbing wall, moutain bike riding, shopping, eating, eating, eating... good times with the Cooneys and Costins in Whistler! Time to go back to school!


Andrea said...

Too cute! We need more pictures of Kristen... it would give this blog a touch of class!

scott c said...

are you saying this blog is low class?! Kristen approves all photos of her... and the number of photos she approves is, well, low. Please apply pressure at will.