Saturday, August 9, 2008

The color version is at the end of this posting! a ridiculously great pic of T & J and their cousins, Alex and Anna -

Men building levvies... protectors of all that is dry... we were almost victorious against mother nature...

Scott moving earth... in defense of base camp. It was fun trying to defend camp :-)

time for a breather after rippin' some gnarley surf -

you wondered why we go here?

when the photog said, "jump," some listened more than others...

this is our goofy mojo!

shredomatic wave buster!

the family christmas card for 08! you saw it here, first.

or maybe this is the card... TBD. some good-lookin' fellas!

studman needs a breather from taming the bonzai pipeline...

do you have bad times at the beach?!

cool do on that brother!

happy, I am -

oh yeah... the master of the pipeline is hard at work!

The best pictures are never planned - Taylor and Jordan with their cousins Alex and Anna, in first place, having just heard the announcement, "time for ice cream!!!!!!"

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Andrea said...

By the way, happy anniversary!