Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day One of the Costin Mojo! Aug 9, 2007; incidentally, our 17th wedding anniversary :-)

The pressure from friends is relentless - "you gotta check out my blog! did you read that blog?! why don't you have a blog?! are you a freak?!" perhaps... but now we're possibly a bit on the lunatic fringe, albeit with a blog!!! Welcome to The Costin Mojo! Why "mojo" you ask; two reasons.

  1. It nicely grips the essence of who we are in one word; all that we're about; all that we are, all that we have to offer; it is our "mojo"
  2. "Costins" was taken as a url for blog-o-mania-land out there so we needed a smattering of creativity in this department
What better way to get aquainted with this posse than to check out photos from the most recent trip to the Outer Banks of NC (7/31/08 - 8/8/08) - a major haul across the US of A but worth it in a laaaarrrrge way! Dig on this action!

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Andrea said...

wonders never cease! I expect it to be updated AT LEAST daily! The boys have gotten so big-yet still look just the same! We miss y'all....