Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Raining Again!

In "The Matrix," Keanu Reeves espoused, "I know Kung Fu..." In our house, it's, "I know Tae Kwon Do..." or at least they've experienced their first session with Master Jung. The punches were flying, kicks erupting and all sorts of muscles the boys didn't know they had, were stretching well beyond what they ever experienced previously. And they liked it. They loved it!

The youngest lad, Jordan, kicked his last ball at soccer this morning. Protecting the net and spraying his coach with as much silly string as possible made this sunny, rainy, warmish, slightly breezy morning a lot of fun! And Taylor was chillin' with his bud Brad for some quality sleepover time and of course, the obligatory Wii time.

Mom and dad still got it going on - momma keeping the Harbor Heights school books balanced, the kids at all their events, homework/piano practice happening and the house and all finances intact. Bernanke could take some advice from the momma of this house! Everyone said it would get harder as kids get older... they were right. But at least now we get to sleep a bit more!!! amen... dad kept his job... sanofi-aventis is currently "restructuring it's sales force" and several folks are losing jobs or getting different jobs than they had (laterals and demotions). My district grew to include 10 reps in Nevada, San Fran/northern CA, and I kept WA and OR [I know I switched to 1st person on you there... roll with it... not retyping ]. Everything turned out very good for my Team and me. No lost jobs and no demotions... very nice.

So yes, we're in the rain... working to keep the moss from overtaking our sun-deprived backyard, getting the leaves that are now part of the driveway/sidewalk off those surfaces and Taylor did one last cutting of the grass/sucking of the leaves (love that mower!) before the Toro got shelved for the season. The front yard does look like the 18th fairway at Torrey Pines... he does good work, that kid.

And our dog... ahh yes... Lucy. She's adapting well so far... vigilance is key with small dogs. And so we are. It can take up to a year to train the shih-tzu to potty outside but when you take her out every two hourse, you minimize your potential for accidents significantly! And so it goes... so far so good.

Time for me to print a picture of the American flag for Jordan so he has a reference for his submission as the cover of the school yearbook. The artist is hard at it again! Peace.

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